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Borghese Gallery
From 7.15

Borghese Gallery

The Galleria Borghese Museum is famous for having one of the world’s most extensive art collections, including major works by Raphael, Rubens, Titian, Caravaggio, Bernini, Antonello da Messina and Canova. Easy visit without queuing up: enjoy it!

Castel Sant'Angelo National Museum
From 5.70

Castel Sant'Angelo National Museum

Castel Sant'Angelo: archaeological site, fortress and prison, was well as papal residence full of episodes of great artistic importance.

The Corsini Gallery
From 4.50

The Corsini Gallery

The collections of the Corsini family came to form during the seventeenth century with Cardinal Neri Corsini. Later, works were added by the branch of the family already established in Rome, thanks to direct purchases of Pope Clement XII. The family, in fact, received many gifts due to its preeminent social position gained by its new status. In 1883, the building was sold to the State, to which were donated the collections. It has only recently been possible to reconstruct the Corsini Gallery, as an autonomous entity, bringing back together most of the original materials to its historic setting. The gallery features paintings from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century, predominantly artists of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (including Brother Angelico, Rubens, and Luca Giordano), ancient and modern sculptures (the latter mostly from the Torlonia collection), bronzes and eighteenth century furniture. The Roman, Neapolitan and Bolognese schools are well represented, particularly from the seventeenth century, with important groups of "bamboccianti" and artists specializing in landscapes.

From 7.00

Roman Domus of Palazzo Valentini

A treasure under Palazzo Valentini, the excavations of the Domus are now a permanent exhibition that enriches the historical and artistic heritage of Rome, thanks to the discoveries that have allowed us to reconstruct an important part of the topography of the ancient, medieval and modern city. The scenic route through the remains of the patricia "Domus" of the imperial age, belonging to powerful families, with mosaics, decorated walls, polychrome floors, pavements, and other artifacts, is supported by a redevelopment project that has brought new life to the evidence of the past through virtual reconstructions, graphic effects and movies. The visitor sees as "born again" walls, rooms, peristyles, kitchens, baths, furnishings and decorations, making a virtual journey inside a large Domus of the ancient Rome.

From 5.00

Palazzo Barberini National Gallery of Ancient Art

Over more than sixty years later, Palazzo Barberini opens the door to show the newfound magnificence of the baroque palace and the treasures of the National Gallery of Ancient Art. 34 rooms and a permanent collection of about 500 works, like those of the great masters of Italian and foreign painting including Raphael and Caravaggio, and the works of the eighteenth century, that, for reasons of space, were lying in the depots: masterpieces by Batoni, Mengs, van Wittel, Canaletto and Career, finally exposed to the public. A path that ends with the splendid Hall of columns, with the great fountain of Bacchus and naturalistic decorations that seem to reflect the adjacent gardens, a gem hidden over 50 years by the Circolo Ufficiali that used it as kitchens and food storage, and now rediscovered with a fine restoration by Laura Cherubini.

From 4.50

Cinecittà shows off

The city of cinema, imagination and wonder, but also of craftsmanship and technological excellence that has reflected and accompanied for over 75 years the historical events of Italy. The Dream Factory opens the doors of the historic film studios in Via Tuscolana to the general public, a unique opportunity for rendezvous with the cinema and its crafts.

From 8.51

Vatican Museums Child Ticket with Family Tour Kit

Armed with a kit formed by an MP3 audio-guide and a color-illustrated map, an adventure designed for young explorers: a hunt of the artistic treasures of the Vatican Museums that will introduce them to key artworks from the Vatican’s collection by following clues on an accompanying map.

From 9.11

Vatican Museum Tickets

The Vatican Museums are one of the greatest museums in the world, since they display works from the immense collection built up by Roman Catholic Church throughout the centuries, including the incredible Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel.

From 9.11

Vatican Museums under the Stars

Following the huge success of previous occasions, the long awaited appointment returns with the Vatican Museums evening opening. The Museums of the Pope will open their doors after sunset, every Friday during spring and summer months.

From 14.39

Vatican Museums & Lunch at Museum Restaurant

The reservation includes the admission ticket to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel and a lunch (Full Italian menu) in the Restaurant Area of the Museums.

From 8.66

Vatican Gardens Tour by Bus

Discover the oasis of nature and art that lies within the confines of the Vatican! The Vatican Museums are pleased to introduce this new type of audio guided tour to the Vatican Gardens, which joins the traditional walking tours and makes it possible to enjoy the architectural and artistic heritage of the Vatican gardens from the comfort of a small open bus.

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